Industrial Unit Conversion

David Winstanley Ltd. is able to take on all aspects of work, as can be seen on the following reference. Repurposing existing building can be a lucrative propositions for those with the appropriate space to develop. This reference demonstrates that a barn can be converted to self-contained office space with small and effective secure warehousing. On completion of this work the business was ready to move-in immediately after successful acceptance and approval by the building owner.

Farm Unit Conversion

The above series of photographs demonstrate the condition of the building before any work was carried out. The unit had rotton woodwork; a roof that required replacement; no drainage or plumbing; some basic block and metal work that could be reused; and rudimentry electrics.

External Block Work

Basic work was required to before building work could begin and appropriate foundations where dug, backfilled and inspected. Drainage was installed with the correct gradient ensuring problem free plumbing.

While breeze block is utilised to reduce cost and speed-up the construction process, an attractive brick facia was constructed leaving a profesional and quality feel to the unit. All building regulations are adhered to; and one can see the installation of thermal blanketing between the cavities. Sandstone window ledges where fitted to the building as well as a sandstone business plaque to the left of the shutter warehouse doors.

Internal Office Space

Construction continued on the inside of the premises to offer the small business clean, comfortable office space. Electrical cabling was routed, all walls plastered, thermal protection installed in the false ceiling space and business approved plumbing supplied.

Internal work also included: lighting, sockets, fire alarms and associated testing. Internal doors and windows supplied and fitted. All walls where decorated and flooring installed.

Finishing Touches

During the work a new roof was fitted with metal corregated faciard. The final touches included, external electric shutter door, office doors & windows with external yard lighting. The new tenant of this industrial unit was extreemly please with the result of the work. The high standard of workmanship in this unit means the new company will be pleased and proud of the everyday working environment created by David Winstanley Ltd.

The project last eight weeks, and was completed on time and within budget, to the complete satisfaction of the owner commisioning the work