Eccleston Lane School

Typically during the summer months schools get the opportunity to perform development and maintanance on their estates. School projects need to be carefully scheduled as there are many requests for work and short deadlines.

Careful planning and costing is required, so that the work can be started immediately when term breaks, enabling on-time completion before the next term begins. Therefore, it is important to employ a company like David Winstanley Ltd. so that work can be undertaken by tradesmen that understand the requirements of the client. We work with planners, architects and heads of schools in order to prioritise and emphasis work breakdown structures, while taking into account the speed and cost efficiency of the project.

False Ceilings

David Winstanley Ltd. on this job replaced the ceilings and installed new wiring and lighting in the classroom.


Applying fresh colours and light ceilings meant that classrooms can be quickly refreshed. The classrooms where quickly brought-up to building standards with minimum fuss.


Applying simple durable flooring in an interesting manner allows the space to be broken-up, allowing a more fluid approach and stimulating education environment. This building design concept allows for better pupil engagement and hence improved learning. In addition, prospective parents will be looking for these inspirational spaces, hence being a fundamental foundations to better societies.