WC Areas

Toilet areas are not the most romantic topic of the building environment, however both kitchen and bathroom space are the most complex spaces in your home. Getting the kitchen and bathrooms right, means that the other rooms in the house will be much easier to renovate and/or decorate. Kitchen and bathrooms require complex water and gas plumbing; drainage requirements and special electrical provisioning. On top of that there is tiling, cabinet work and worktops to consider.

Removing existing plumbing

David Winstanley Ltd. on this job was replacing and enhancing a suit of toilets and basins inside a school. This was a simple job that required the better use of space, and a more hygenic wall covering. Schools tend to be very cost aware and fitting need to be simple, easy to clean and robust.

Tiling and Plumbing

After these photos where taken, the porcelain work was installed, and then the carpenter boxed in the water closets and install the cubicles. The project was handed over to the school in time for term-start.